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Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Whether the Mid Day Meal Programme is implemented in all the schools in the state?

Yes. Government of Karnataka has implemented the scheme of providing hot cooked meals to the children of classes 1 to 10 of both Govt and Govt aided schools in the state with the cooperation of Government of India.

2. What is cooking cost?

Cooking cost is the cost involved in conversion of food ingredients to hot cooked meal such as dhal, oil, salt, cost of cooking gas, vegetables, spices and transportation.

3. What is the difference between Administrative charges and Service charges which is being paid to KFCSC?

Administrative Charges:.

Rs 12/- is paid to KFCSC for lifting rice/wheat from FCI and store the foodgrains in their godowns.

Serivce Charges:.

Rs 10/- is paid to KFCSC for procurement,storage and supply of dhal, oil, salt.

4. Whether Mid Day Meal is served on National holidays and during summer vacations?

Yes. Mid Day Meal is also served to children on all school working days and on National Holidays such as Independance Day, Republic Day, Teachers' Day, Ganghi Jayanthi and Children's Day . If the State Govt declares blocks or districts as drought hit areas, Mid Day Meal is served during summer vacation also.

5. Whether NGOs provide Mid Day Meal free of cost?

No, NGOs voluntarily participate and join hands with Govenrment in Mid Day Meal Programme. They are supposed to have kitchen, transport vehicles and cooks. NGOs are provided 100gms rice and 150 gms rice, Rs 2.69 and Rs 4.03 cooking cost to classes from 1 to 5 and 6 to 10 respectively.Transportation charges for rice @ Rs 75/quintal is also given. NGOs are expected to serve mid day meals to children on no profit basis. They should have only service motive. NGOs are expected to provide good quality food as per the Government norms.


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